Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! This was originally published by ClickZ in September 2015 as part of my regular Email Marketing Column. That was a year ago but the ideas are as relevant now as they were then. Take a quick read and then try these tactics to grow your email marketing list. 

There are a lot of risky email list growth tactics out there, which I’ve written about before.

It’s a shame that organizations often look to grey area tactics when there are some very effective ways to increase both the quality and quantity of people on your list.

These can be used without risking bottom-line performance, blacklisting, and without having to spend incremental dollars.

Here are few things you can do which will improve your list growth.

Two of the three require some programming, but they are one-time expenses which will continue to deliver you a list growth boost for years to come. Read More →

I am truly an email geek — my Fourth of July was made all the better by the release of the Epsilon Q1 2016 Email Trends and Benchmarks Report. If you’ve been following me you know that I’ve been following the Epsilon Email Trends and Benchmarks Report since Q3 2006 — nearly 10 years.

Here’s what’s new and exciting in this quarter’s report:

1. Open Rates — for Both Business-as-usual and Triggered Email Messages —  Hit a New High

Despite image blocking, open rates have been trending upward for years. This quarter both the business-as-usual and triggered open rate benchmarks hit new highs — see the chart below. Read More →

Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! A client recently asked me what type of information I’d like to see in a creative brief and I thought of this article! After reading it everything here still applies (and that’s saying something, since I wrote this article for ClickZ back in November 2003!). A strong creative brief is the first step toward better bottom line performance, but many brands miss some key things that should be in their creative briefs (and many brands still don’t do them at all!). So take a few minutes to read my thoughts on creative briefs and then try to make at least enhancement to the next one you draft. Enjoy!

I’ve been doing a lot of work with creative briefs lately. In some cases, clients provide them to my creative team before we begin work; other times, I put them together for my team based on what I know of my client’s product and business goals. Either way, a strong creative brief, combined with good feedback, can make or break an email campaign. Here are a few tips on effectively writing and using creative briefs.

Creative Briefs

Creative briefs (as I’m sure you’re aware) aren’t unique to the online world. They’ve been used for years in offline marketing because they’re a great way to focus a creative team and increase the chances of creating a first draft that meets business goals. That said, it’s surprising to me they aren’t yet standard operating procedure for online marketing. Online product managers and others will benefit from writing creative briefs for every campaign. There are some down-and-dirty shortcuts you can use whether you’re writing a brief for one of your products or one of your client’s. Read More →

Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! Smart data is the key to success in email marketing — as I laid out roughly a year ago in this column originally published by ClickZ. Enjoy!

“Big data” is often seen as the boogeyman of marketing – and in truth, I’m not a big fan of big data.

But I am a fan of smart data. Smart data is about determining in advance what information you will use for segmentation, targeting, personalization, and customization – and then using this list as your guideline for collection. Don’t collect anything that you don’t have a solid plan to use in the next six months.

Through my work with clients I’ve seen the benefits smart data provides to both marketers and the people they market to. Here’s a primer on four ways to collect and develop smart data that will improve the performance of your marketing efforts. Read More →

Editor’s note: Happy Throwback Thursday! This is the first of two articles providing a framework to define your ‘perfect state’ future marketing program — and taking the first steps to get there. This was originally published as part of my email marketing column for ClickZ back in March 2015. I’ll publish the second part next week. Enjoy! 

Today I’m issuing a challenge to you – yes, you! And everyone else who reads this column.

I’ll tell you what it is in a bit. First, I have a question to pose to you:

If you could wave a magic wand and instantly create the email marketing program of your dreams for your organization, what would it look like? Read More →

Oops — I meant to publish this last week. A bit delayed, but happy #TBT!

I originally published this on ClickZ last year just after Cyber Monday. I realize we’re a week out but if you are planning a high frequency campaign here are some things to keep in mind based on programs done last year by Keep and Essential Apparel. If you’re not going high frequency on Monday — it’s not too late to add in at least one more send to see if you can boost performance.

And you might also want to check out a companion post I did here on the blog last year called Cyber Monday 2014: Highlights with information on the email marketing I received from 51 brands last Cyber Monday. Enjoy!

How many messages did you send to your email subscribers on Cyber Monday?

Multi-effort email campaigns can dramatically increase your open and click reach. The charts below are from an actual client campaign and illustrate the relationship between single campaign rate metrics and reach metrics. Read More →

It’s happening again…

Organizations are weighing in on the best day and time to post, publish, send and/or tweet — in general when you should let your marketing loose on the world.

Back in the day there were a lot of studies published about the best day and time to send email. Some gave a single day and time; others gave 2 different answers, one to maximize open rate and one to maximize click-through rate.

It’s not a bad thing, but I can’t help but think of the words of one of my favorite philosophers: Read More →

When most people think of email marketing metrics, they think of open and click-through rates. But my tastes are a little more exotic – one of my favorite email marketing metrics is Revenue per Email (RPE).

RPE is simple to calculate – you take the total revenue which was generated and divide it by the number of email addresses that received email (the quantity sent minus the bounces). Here’s a simple example: Read More →

Happy Throwback Thursday! Thinking of launching a new email publication? Here are some best practices for sending it to your existing email list. ClickZ first published this article in November 2014 — but it’s worth a second look. Enjoy!

How do you view the opt-in permission you received from your subscribers?

As a blanket opt-in giving you the right to change send frequency as well as the types of email sent as you see fit? Or a narrow opt-in related to just specific types of messages or email publications that they agreed to receive?

It may seem like an academic question – until you have a new email publication or new type of email alert that you want to launch. Do you start from scratch and ask for an opt-in? Or do you just start sending it to all of your subscribers? Read More →