I was surprised to see this headline (“Clinton’s apology won’t make e-mail scandal disappear”) in my Washington Post app this morning. Not because of anything having to do with Hillary Clinton, but because of the spelling of the word ‘e-mail.’

My standard is ’email.’ This happened back in 2006 when I was writing my book for SitePoint — their standard was ’email’ and after about three chapters I decided that I needed to change what was then my spelling (‘e-mail’) to match theirs.

Looking back, I think I was just lazy. ‘Email’ was one less character to type; switching would also make it easier on my editors, who were forever having to fix one of the most common words in my manuscript. Right around the same time the Email Experience Council (EEC) took a stand for ’email’ over ‘e-mail’ which also swayed me, I’m sure.

So when I saw this headline it made me wonder — how many media organizations are still using the hyphen?  Read More →

Note: This article is one of my ClickZ columns from a little more than a year ago, but both of these organizations are still ‘the place to be’ if you’re a serious email marketing professional. Enjoy!

One thing I love about the email marketing industry is the camaraderie. I was reminded of this again last week while I was in New York on business. I was lucky enough to connect with fellow ClickZ columnist Stephanie Miller and a few other industry friends for dinner. I’ve had similar dinners in Atlanta, Kansas City, London, Washington, D.C., and many other places.

If you’re an email marketer and you aren’t linked into this community, you’re missing out. So I thought I would write today about two organizations that are near and dear to my heart – and which I highly encourage you to join if you’re looking to build a career in email marketing. They are the Email Experience Council (EEC) and Only Influencers (OI). Read More →

Email Marketing Industry

“The Oscars of the Email Marketing Industry”

This is how Loren McDonald, Email Evangelist at Silverpop and fellow World’s Top Email Marketing Influencer, describes the Email Experience Council’s (eec’s) Email Marketer of the Year Awards.

And he should know — he won the first one back in 2011.

This year it could be your turn. You or someone you nominate could receive complimentary registration to attend the 2015 Email Evolution Conference, taking place in Miami February 2nd through the 4th. Once there, you or your nominee could be called to the stage at a luncheon in his or her honor and recognized for their work in the email marketing industry. Read More →

Friday, October 3rd was my last day as Vice President, Global Strategic Services, for Alchemy Worx.

What’s Next?

I’m not 100% certain — but I am excited about what I’m calling ‘Jeanne 2.0.’

In the near term I’ll be doing some independent consulting. Thank you to those who have already reached out to me about projects. If you have work that I might help with, I’d love to hear from you.

In the longer term, the possibilities are endless and I am, as I said, very excited. I may: Read More →