Friday, October 3rd was my last day as Vice President, Global Strategic Services, for Alchemy Worx.

What’s Next?

I’m not 100% certain — but I am excited about what I’m calling ‘Jeanne 2.0.’

In the near term I’ll be doing some independent consulting. Thank you to those who have already reached out to me about projects. If you have work that I might help with, I’d love to hear from you.

In the longer term, the possibilities are endless and I am, as I said, very excited. I may:

    • Join an established agency (either multi-discipline or solely email) to help magnify the growth of its email marketing practice and provide better email marketing strategies and tactics to its clients
    • Become part of a vendor organization to help increase its industry profile and assist clients with better leveraging its technology to boost email results
    • Shift gears to the research side, to become a leading analyst on email marketing issues
    • Move back to the brand side in a Director or higher level position to significantly improve the bottom-line performance of a single organization’s email marketing efforts
    • Strike out on my own to start an email marketing agency that exceeds client expectations and raises the bar with regard to the bottom line performance of email marketing initiatives
    • Do something else that I’ve yet to envision

Once again, if you have ideas on my next career move or if you are with an organization that could benefit from my experience and expertise, I’d love to speak with you.

Some Things Change. Some Things Stay The Same.

Although my professional affiliation has changed, pretty much everything else about me remains the same, including:

  1. I am still passionate about email marketing
  2. I still love helping companies make their email marketing initiatives more effective and more profitable
  3. I still have a proven track record of email marketing success, be it measured by an increase in ROI, revenue, conversion rate or another bottom line metric
  4. I will still be writing my Email Marketing Column for ClickZ and my blog posts for Only Influencers, as well as looking for other opportunities to contribute to the industry’s body of published knowledge
  5. I will still be speaking at industry events — Catch me in November 2014 at ClickZ Live Chicago or the free All About Email Virtual Conference
  6. I will still be tweeting about email marketing (@jeajen)
  7. I will still be an active member of the Email Experience Council, helping with the Annual Conference, the Pollard and Thought-leader Awards and other initiatives that will benefit our industry
  8. I am still one of the World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers

And I have some new tricks up my sleeve, including:

  1. I’ll be blogging about email marketing here at, with a focus on practical tips to improve performance
  2. I’ll be relaunching my email newsletter in the very near future (see the sign-up at the top right of this page)
  3. I’ll be looking for ways to better leverage social media to evangelize about the benefits of strategic email marketing

Email marketing is my passion – it’s what I do, it’s what I love. I can’t imagine my life without it. Nor can I imagine my life without the friends I’ve made – and the friends I look forward to making in the future – in this industry.

Be well. Do good in all things — email and otherwise. Feel free to reach out to me – I always enjoy hearing from industry folks.


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jeajen moderator

@djwaldow Thanks so much, DJ! I am hoping to learn a few new social media tricks from you -- you are so great at it! 


My #1 "trick" @jeajen ? Just be yourself ... the rest will work itself out. Oh, and step out of your comfort zone a bit. I realize that last statement conflicts a bit with the first. That's intentional. Ha!

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