It’s happening again…

Organizations are weighing in on the best day and time to post, publish, send and/or tweet — in general when you should let your marketing loose on the world.

Back in the day there were a lot of studies published about the best day and time to send email. Some gave a single day and time; others gave 2 different answers, one to maximize open rate and one to maximize click-through rate.

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Well this was fun!

I was poking around online and I found a video of my presentation at the Specialized Information Publishers Association in June, 2015.

In this presentation I talk about data, technology and testing — it’s one of my favorite decks to present. Here’s the session description and take-aways: Read More →

Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! Today’s post isn’t an article per se — it’s a presentation that I delivered last year. And even through the title says “What’s Working Now,” everything in here is still relevant. That’s especially true of the section on content marketing and email newsletters (if you haven’t already, check out my recent ClickZ article on theSkimm, a B2C email newsletter that raised a boat load of funding).

Here’s the full overview of topics covered: Read More →

Happy Throwback Thursday! This article first appeared in my ClickZ column in January of 2013 — but it’s still a relevant topic for anyone trying to determine what their key success metrics are. Enjoy!

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to test to improve performance. But sometimes the hard part comes after the test, in determining the winner.

Case in point: a recent subject line test I undertook for a client.

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Last week Chad White published a fabulous infographic all about Snippets on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Blog — not only does it talk about why snippets matter (and then do!) but also about how to control what content appears as a snippet. One data point really jumped out at me — 54% of the email messages he reviewed had a poorly or not at all optimized snippet. That’s more than half!

It reminded me of a case study that I published on ClickZ back in 2008. The full text of the original article appears here; as a companion piece, see optimizing for snippets, which I published back in 2006.

These are truly Throw-back Thursday pieces, I realize. They are from a long time ago, yes, but the tips they provide to leverage snippet copy are still relevant today. At least for the 54% of email messages which don’t have optimized snippets. And I’ve included a bonus that didn’t appear in the original article, which is…

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15 Types of Tests

Note from Jeanne: This was one of the most popular columns I wrote for ClickZ in 2013. If you’re looking to make your email marketing more effective and more profitable you have to test. As the title suggests, here are 15 types of email marketing tests you should be doing. Enjoy!

I was recently asked to develop a “testing protocol” for a client. The deliverable was a worksheet that would document tests for a particular send, but they wanted it to do more than just that. They wanted it to educate on the value of testing and spur the groups within their organization to truly leverage testing to their advantage.

Not a simple task.

One of my observations, both with this client (who I’ve been working with for more than two years) and with other clients, is the focus on subject line testing. My personal goal, with this project and in general, is to get email marketers to go beyond just testing subject lines and look at other elements that might improve response. Read More →