Are the daily deal companies like Groupon and Living Social overly dependent on email? Living Social’s CEO said they were in a November press release which announced the company’s latest reorganization. But I find that difficult to accept — would there even be a daily deals industry without email? I think not.

This is one of three articles I’m publishing this week on Living Social and the daily deals industry. eDataSource was kind enough to let me use their Analyst NEXTGEN tool to gather data to investigate. Read the first article, which is my ClickZ Column this week and discusses inbox placement, read rate and send quantities. There’s a second item which has been published on the eDataSource Blog about send quantities, campaigns and performance.

And then there’s this one — which is all about revenue, one of my favorite things (so favorite that I’m missing the Sound of Music sing-along on TV to write this). Read More →

Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend Jonathan Rick, President of The Jonathan Rick Group, a digital communications firm here in Washington, DC. As you may remember from an earlier post, I am leveraging social media more to evangelize about online marketing. And I’m learning a lot from Jonathan, so thought I would share the wealth.

Jonathan has worked with the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Obama White House and other big name organizations. You may have read his articles in Fast Company, ClickZ or other publications, or seen him quoted in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal or elsewhere. Read More →

So here we are! It’s one week after Cyber Monday 2014. Many retailers and big brands have begun dramatically increasing their email send frequency on Cyber Monday — here are a few examples of that from my personal inbox, along with some telling data about the trend from eDataSource.

This is a companion article to the column I wrote, Cyber Monday: High Frequency Programs from and Keep, which was published by ClickZ today — no need to read it before you read this blog post, but if the topic is of interest to you then that article most likely will be as well. It talks about the (very valid) reasons supporting this trend and provides examples of some Cyber Monday emails along with tips for success.

So how prevalent is high frequency on Cyber Monday? According to my inbox, not many retailers are doing this…yet. But I will admit that this is a very unscientific and highly anecdotal conclusion. Read More →

How can you prove that your email marketing is effective?

That the the starting point for a discussion I had with a colleague last month. His organization does email marketing on behalf of their clients and one client in particular was looking for quantitative proof that the benefit justified the cost.

Should be a simple questEion — but the problem was that the vendor was having a difficult time proving it. Everyone, including their key contact on the client side, felt certain the email marketing efforts were moving the needle. But the numbers they pulled to support this weren’t telling the same story.

Our discussion made me think of this article from 2013 about attribution models… Enjoy!

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Last week Chad White published a fabulous infographic all about Snippets on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Blog — not only does it talk about why snippets matter (and then do!) but also about how to control what content appears as a snippet. One data point really jumped out at me — 54% of the email messages he reviewed had a poorly or not at all optimized snippet. That’s more than half!

It reminded me of a case study that I published on ClickZ back in 2008. The full text of the original article appears here; as a companion piece, see optimizing for snippets, which I published back in 2006.

These are truly Throw-back Thursday pieces, I realize. They are from a long time ago, yes, but the tips they provide to leverage snippet copy are still relevant today. At least for the 54% of email messages which don’t have optimized snippets. And I’ve included a bonus that didn’t appear in the original article, which is…

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Hear ye, hear ye!

A new report from Forrester Research has just set in stone what those of us in the email marketing industry have been observing for years now, which is:


I agree — EVERY TIME. Why? Read More →

Years ago (was it 2008? 2009?) when David Daniels was the leading email analyst for JupiterResearch he declared it the year of video in email. I think he was a bit of an early adopter, but a study done by his current firm, The Relevancy Group, clearly shows that video can increase click-through rates, time spent with email and share rates.

Yes, I know this is a blog, not email (although this will be included in the first issue of my email newsletter, which I’ll publish soon). But as I mentioned in my first blog post here, I am exploring ways to further leverage social media and other tactics. So here I am talking about my love of email, what sets me apart and what’s next. Basically ‘Jeanne 2.0’ in my own words. Read More →

Email Marketing Industry

“The Oscars of the Email Marketing Industry”

This is how Loren McDonald, Email Evangelist at Silverpop and fellow World’s Top Email Marketing Influencer, describes the Email Experience Council’s (eec’s) Email Marketer of the Year Awards.

And he should know — he won the first one back in 2011.

This year it could be your turn. You or someone you nominate could receive complimentary registration to attend the 2015 Email Evolution Conference, taking place in Miami February 2nd through the 4th. Once there, you or your nominee could be called to the stage at a luncheon in his or her honor and recognized for their work in the email marketing industry. Read More →

15 Types of Tests

Note from Jeanne: This was one of the most popular columns I wrote for ClickZ in 2013. If you’re looking to make your email marketing more effective and more profitable you have to test. As the title suggests, here are 15 types of email marketing tests you should be doing. Enjoy!

I was recently asked to develop a “testing protocol” for a client. The deliverable was a worksheet that would document tests for a particular send, but they wanted it to do more than just that. They wanted it to educate on the value of testing and spur the groups within their organization to truly leverage testing to their advantage.

Not a simple task.

One of my observations, both with this client (who I’ve been working with for more than two years) and with other clients, is the focus on subject line testing. My personal goal, with this project and in general, is to get email marketers to go beyond just testing subject lines and look at other elements that might improve response. Read More →

It’s nearly Halloween — do you have your holiday email marketing program locked, loaded and already in process? If so, congratulations! If not, read on for a few free resources to help you get it in tip top shape before the trick-or-treaters start ringing your doorbell!

Quick note: these are a few of my favorites, but there are so many others! Please feel free to share YOUR favorites in the comments section. Read More →