Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! I worked with a client recently that was dabbling in cart reminder emails. When we analyzed the results we found an average conversion rate of 2.07% with $16.79 in revenue generated for every email sent — the best performing of all the initiatives we looked at. Needless to say, they will be expanding and automating this very successful program. It all made me think of this presentation from last year, which I thought I would share — enjoy! 

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Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! Smart data is the key to success in email marketing — as I laid out roughly a year ago in this column originally published by ClickZ. Enjoy!

“Big data” is often seen as the boogeyman of marketing – and in truth, I’m not a big fan of big data.

But I am a fan of smart data. Smart data is about determining in advance what information you will use for segmentation, targeting, personalization, and customization – and then using this list as your guideline for collection. Don’t collect anything that you don’t have a solid plan to use in the next six months.

Through my work with clients I’ve seen the benefits smart data provides to both marketers and the people they market to. Here’s a primer on four ways to collect and develop smart data that will improve the performance of your marketing efforts. Read More →

Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! This was one of the most popular columns that ClickZ published last year. Although it was written in February 2015 the facts and opinions expressed here are still 100% on target. Enjoy!

It’s been a long time since the phrase “double opt-in” has crossed my lips, but it came up in not just one but two different conversations in the past few weeks. Both were friends that work in the digital marketing and product development world and they’re really good at what they do. But email isn’t their primary wheelhouse, like it is mine.

So it was interesting that both considered double opt-in the way that email marketing acquisition should be done. One reminded me that, back when we worked together in 2000, I was a very strong proponent of double opt-in. That’s true; but I’ve changed my stance. While I’m not anti-double-opt-in (full disclosure: my email newsletter is and always has been double opt-in, read on to learn why), there are times when it makes sense to go double opt-in and other times when single opt-in is just fine.

So why did my stance change and how do I determine whether to recommend single or double opt-in to a client?

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Editors note: Happy Throwback Thursday! Here’s part 2 of my series on how to define and work toward your perfect future state marketing state program. This was first published back in March 2016 as part of my email marketing column for 

Welcome back! Hopefully you read my last column, “Creating the Perfect Email/Digital Marketing Program for Your Organization.”

If so, you should have a wish list of things you would like to do for your email marketing program – or for your marketing program in general. Even better if you collaborated with your internal team; then you should have a really long list of ideas!

If you didn’t read my last column, it’s not too late. Take a quick read now and then write down a few things to start your list (you can go back and add to it later).

As I mentioned, I’m going through this process with a client. Here are few items which are representative of the things on their list: Read More →

Editor’s note: Happy Throwback Thursday! This is the first of two articles providing a framework to define your ‘perfect state’ future marketing program — and taking the first steps to get there. This was originally published as part of my email marketing column for ClickZ back in March 2015. I’ll publish the second part next week. Enjoy! 

Today I’m issuing a challenge to you – yes, you! And everyone else who reads this column.

I’ll tell you what it is in a bit. First, I have a question to pose to you:

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Editor’s note: Happy Throwback Thursday! If you’re not leveraging the power of strategic email resends, now is the time! Here’s a primer on how to do it well. This was first published as part of my email marketing column on back in March 2015. 

One of my favorite sayings is “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

I was reminded of this recently in a meeting with a client. The organization (a large not-for-profit) engaged our firm for a digital transformation (DT), a large multi-year project. This meeting was outside the scope of that; I was asked to review the email marketing plan promoting their 2015 conference.

Overall, I was very impressed. They’ve put together a very comprehensive, well-thought-out, content-marketing-focused campaign. The conference is in May and the frequency is two email messages a week (it started sometime around the first of the year) until the opening keynote. But here’s what gave me pause: every single email is unique.

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Earlier this month I re-published an article from last year about a great opt-in campaign executed by T.j.Maxx to entice email subscribers to sign-up for an additional email publication. I loved it because they went for the opt-in — they didn’t just assume that all their current subscribers would want additional content.

I was reminded just how unusual this is last weekend, when I received an email from another brand offering me additional content and more email messages from them. But this one is a negative option opt-out, rather than an opt-in. When you do a negative option opt-out, you assume that silence (no response) equals permission.

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Oops — I meant to publish this last week. A bit delayed, but happy #TBT!

I originally published this on ClickZ last year just after Cyber Monday. I realize we’re a week out but if you are planning a high frequency campaign here are some things to keep in mind based on programs done last year by Keep and Essential Apparel. If you’re not going high frequency on Monday — it’s not too late to add in at least one more send to see if you can boost performance.

And you might also want to check out a companion post I did here on the blog last year called Cyber Monday 2014: Highlights with information on the email marketing I received from 51 brands last Cyber Monday. Enjoy!

How many messages did you send to your email subscribers on Cyber Monday?

Multi-effort email campaigns can dramatically increase your open and click reach. The charts below are from an actual client campaign and illustrate the relationship between single campaign rate metrics and reach metrics. Read More →

It’s happening again…

Organizations are weighing in on the best day and time to post, publish, send and/or tweet — in general when you should let your marketing loose on the world.

Back in the day there were a lot of studies published about the best day and time to send email. Some gave a single day and time; others gave 2 different answers, one to maximize open rate and one to maximize click-through rate.

It’s not a bad thing, but I can’t help but think of the words of one of my favorite philosophers: Read More →

When most people think of email marketing metrics, they think of open and click-through rates. But my tastes are a little more exotic – one of my favorite email marketing metrics is Revenue per Email (RPE).

RPE is simple to calculate – you take the total revenue which was generated and divide it by the number of email addresses that received email (the quantity sent minus the bounces). Here’s a simple example: Read More →