Years ago (was it 2008? 2009?) when David Daniels was the leading email analyst for JupiterResearch he declared it the year of video in email. I think he was a bit of an early adopter, but a study done by his current firm, The Relevancy Group, clearly shows that video can increase click-through rates, time spent with email and share rates.

Yes, I know this is a blog, not email (although this will be included in the first issue of my email newsletter, which I’ll publish soon). But as I mentioned in my first blog post here, I am exploring ways to further leverage social media and other tactics. So here I am talking about my love of email, what sets me apart and what’s next. Basically ‘Jeanne 2.0’ in my own words.

Thanks to DJ Waldow, my amazing Career Transition Coach, for the concept and helping me craft the content; thanks also to Martin Fischer, Director and Videographer extraordinaire. So take a look — and contact me if you’d like to talk about improving your organization’s email marketing!

Jeanne 2.0

Thanks for watching my video!


Great job.  I think I may have met you once many years ago, but after that video I feel like I know you really well!  Best of luck on 2.0!

jeajen moderator

Hi Tom! I'm not sure if we've ever actually met either, but I certainly know your name! Thanks so much for your good wishes! Happy almost Thanksgiving and I hope our paths cross offline soon!

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