I love that more and more companies are leveraging email automation — setting up email campaigns, triggered by an action (or a non-action) that deliver highly relevant messages to customers and prospects.

I’ve developed strategies for and helped implement numerous automated email marketing strategies for a lot of different clients, so I understand most of the pitfalls companies face.

But it’s still a bummer when I get an email from a brand I love that hasn’t overcome the (easily addressed) challenges, like the one that landed in my inbox this morning from Marriott… Read More →

Email marketing automation is all the rage right now. Being able to set up a multi-email or multi-channel campaign and have it triggered automatically based on an action, a prospect, or customer offers real efficiency.

But a lot of companies try to jump into marketing automation without laying the groundwork for a successful campaign. Here’s a quick primer on how to start. Read More →

What can marketers gain from collecting and integrating touchpoint data into the CRM system?

Back in 2015 Gartner reported that organizations worldwide spent $27.5 billion on customer relationship management (CRM). This was expected to increase to $37 billion in 2017. But are companies getting a decent return on this large investment?

And more importantly, is your organization using its CRM system to optimize bottom line revenue? Read More →

From time to time I’ll pull a message from my inbox and do a walk-through of its pros and cons. These gentle critiques are intended to educate; I hope that the companies mentioned as well as readers will keep that top of mind. 

Email marketing automation is a wonderful thing. It allows marketers to be more relevant while increasing the efficiency of the marketing team. But here’s a cautionary tale delivered as a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to everyone using triggered email programs — and especially to IBM Security, who has been sending me the same email message every day for more than 2 weeks now.  Read More →

Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! Cart reminder email programs continue to be one of the highest revenue-per-email (RPE) campaigns you can run; one of my clients is generating $16 for every cart reminder email they send. In this article from last year (originally published by ClickZ) I provide some industry statistics and, more importantly, tips for making your own cart reminder campaign a cash cow for your organization. Enjoy! 

I had the pleasure of leading not one but two webinars last month on digital marketing for retailers. I always like to round out my case studies and practical advice with industry statistics. And what I learned about online cart abandonment surprised and disturbed me:

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Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! I worked with a client recently that was dabbling in cart reminder emails. When we analyzed the results we found an average conversion rate of 2.07% with $16.79 in revenue generated for every email sent — the best performing of all the initiatives we looked at. Needless to say, they will be expanding and automating this very successful program. It all made me think of this presentation from last year, which I thought I would share — enjoy! 

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Happy Throwback Thursday! It was just a year ago that I had the honor of speaking at the All About Email Virtual Conference and Expo hosted by eM+C and Target Marketing (this year’s event is November 12 and I’m speaking again — join us!). The issues I discussed last year — email frequency, cadence and ROI — are just as relevant today. Enjoy!

Are you over-mailing? Under-mailing? How do you know? What are the consequences (both positive and negative) of each? And how do you come up with the ‘perfect’ frequency and cadence (if there is such a thing)?

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Well this was fun!

I was poking around online and I found a video of my presentation at the Specialized Information Publishers Association in June, 2015.

In this presentation I talk about data, technology and testing — it’s one of my favorite decks to present. Here’s the session description and take-aways: Read More →