I know I’m a bit biased, but I believe that marketing is a big part of most people’s lives. Even if they aren’t marketers and even if they themselves don’t realize it.

There’s a doctor I know, a good friend, who doesn’t like marketing and tells me so. But she relies heavily on her existing clients to refer their friends to her. That’s word-of-mouth marketing.

I have a lawyer friend who is starting to blog. She tells me that it isn’t marketing, that she’s blogging to generate client leads. But in reality she’s practicing content marketing. Read More →

Creative is an important part of any email campaign. Creative refers to the copy and design of your email — in other words, what it says and how it looks. While the copywriter and designer are responsible for these, the ultimate responsibility lies with the marketing manager or other person in charge of the campaign.

You can’t expect the copywriter and designer to develop great creative unless the marketing manager has provided a clear blueprint outlining business goals, supporting documentation, and his or her “vision” for the email message. Too many companies don’t understand this. The old garbage-in, garbage-out adage applies here. Read More →

I was speaking with a couple of salespeople I know a few months ago and one of them used the word “idiot” to describe a C-level executive at a company he was hoping to close as a client.

I have a lot of thoughts about this particular situation. The C-level executive is someone I know and like and I strongly dislike use of the term “idiot.” I shared my thoughts at the time, but I’ve had trouble letting go of the experience.

I’ve been thinking about the bigger picture implications of disparaging your prospects. Does it negatively impact your ability to convert them into customers? Read More →

Note from Jeanne: Happy Throwback Thursday! I continue to work with clients to make their marketing more personalized — without crossing into the creepy zone. A discussion I had last week in a meeting reminded me of this article from June of last year (it was originally published as part of my ClickZ Email Marketing Column) — read on for some tips on using personalization in a way that won’t upset your customers.  

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Specialized Information Publishers Association’s (SIPA, a division of SIIA) Annual Conference. My presentation focused on data, technology and testing in digital marketing and a particularly interesting discussion arose around browse reminders.

Were they good marketing tools or creepy?

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In a statement, Crocs said it believed it was “acting consistently with social media marketing best practices.”

— Source: On Instagram and Other Social Media, Redefining ‘User Engagement’ by Sydney Ember and Rachel Abrams, The New York Times, September 20, 2015

It’s things like this that give marketers and marketing a bad name.

In case you missed the story, here’s a synopsis.

A mother took a picture of her 4-year-old daughter and posted it on Instagram. The daughter was wearing a pair of Crocs sandals and the mother included #Crocs in the description. Crocs scraped the photo from Instagram and included it in a gallery of user-generated content on its website. Read More →

Note: It was just over a year ago that Vocus (now Cision) published the list referenced below. Even if you missed it then it’s not too late to check out who made it and start following them — as well as the 3 people listed below who were omitted. This article was first published as one of my ClickZ columns back in July 2014. Enjoy!

My last column on industry organizations every email marketer should join was very popular, so I thought I would follow it up with some of the industry thought leaders every email marketer should be following on Twitter.

Actually, Vocus beat me to the punch with their list of “The World’s Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers” that they published last week. I am so honored to be included on the list – and while I’d like to write about everyone on it, I have limited space so I decided to feature three of my personal favorites from the list as well as three other great minds that also deserve to be there (so hard to pick just 50!). Read More →

Note from Jeanne: Happy [Belated] Throwback Thursday! There’s a fine line between engaging a potential customer and completely over-selling. The key to not over-selling lies in setting realistic goals for your efforts based on the channel and your relationship with the prospect. 

Here’s a column I wrote for ClickZ last year at this time with some tips for getting it just right… enjoy!

I was at a networking event recently and I met the senior vice president of a consultancy specializing in “Advanced Messaging Design and Delivery” (that was the tag line on his business card). At first I found him very interesting. Read More →

Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend Jonathan Rick, President of The Jonathan Rick Group, a digital communications firm here in Washington, DC. As you may remember from an earlier post, I am leveraging social media more to evangelize about online marketing. And I’m learning a lot from Jonathan, so thought I would share the wealth.

Jonathan has worked with the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Obama White House and other big name organizations. You may have read his articles in Fast Company, ClickZ or other publications, or seen him quoted in The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal or elsewhere. Read More →