I know I’m a bit biased, but I believe that marketing is a big part of most people’s lives. Even if they aren’t marketers and even if they themselves don’t realize it.

There’s a doctor I know, a good friend, who doesn’t like marketing and tells me so. But she relies heavily on her existing clients to refer their friends to her. That’s word-of-mouth marketing.

I have a lawyer friend who is starting to blog. She tells me that it isn’t marketing, that she’s blogging to generate client leads. But in reality she’s practicing content marketing. Read More →

Creative is an important part of any email campaign. Creative refers to the copy and design of your email — in other words, what it says and how it looks. While the copywriter and designer are responsible for these, the ultimate responsibility lies with the marketing manager or other person in charge of the campaign.

You can’t expect the copywriter and designer to develop great creative unless the marketing manager has provided a clear blueprint outlining business goals, supporting documentation, and his or her “vision” for the email message. Too many companies don’t understand this. The old garbage-in, garbage-out adage applies here. Read More →

Crowd-sourcing creative reviews. The act of getting so much input from so many different people on each round of review for a marketing piece that the project goes on-and-on, in circles, resulting in excessive time, money and resources being spent for a sub-par end product.

Round 1: My boss suggested making the green button bigger.

Round 2: Let’s make the button red, my colleague thought that would look nice.

Round 3: I think it’s too much red and my wife agrees; let’s make the button gray. Read More →

I love that more and more companies are leveraging email automation — setting up email campaigns, triggered by an action (or a non-action) that deliver highly relevant messages to customers and prospects.

I’ve developed strategies for and helped implement numerous automated email marketing strategies for a lot of different clients, so I understand most of the pitfalls companies face.

But it’s still a bummer when I get an email from a brand I love that hasn’t overcome the (easily addressed) challenges, like the one that landed in my inbox this morning from Marriott… Read More →

I am a big fan of performance testing – in fact, I have a successful consulting business built on helping clients test to make their email marketing efforts more effective and more profitable.

But if you don’t choose the right Key Performance Indicator (KPI), your efforts could be a waste of time.

Here’s a ‘don’t make this mistake’ case study from an organization with the best intentions whose performance testing efforts were for naught.

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Earlier this month, I led a webinar for the Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA). One of topics we discussed was boosting opt-in email list growth. Here are some tips that you can use to acquire new subscribers, no matter what industry you’re in. The key metric we focused on is acquisition conversion rate. Read More →

Email marketing automation is all the rage right now. Being able to set up a multi-email or multi-channel campaign and have it triggered automatically based on an action, a prospect, or customer offers real efficiency.

But a lot of companies try to jump into marketing automation without laying the groundwork for a successful campaign. Here’s a quick primer on how to start. Read More →